School of Engineering Physics

Our School was established in 1985 following the Decree 13/HDBT dated January, 23 1985 of then Councils of Ministers, (now Government). Currently, the School consists of 88 faculties, researchers, more than 300 undergrads and 40 grads. The School activity is focused on Training, Research and Technology transfers. On the organization, the Board of Directors manages all activities which are determined by Party Comitee. Depending on the activities the School is divided into Staff Office, Department of General Physics, Department of Theoretical Physics, Department of Electronics Materials, Department of Computational Physics, Department of optics and optoelectronics and Research & Development LED Lighting Center

With respect to the training and research activities, since the foundation School of Engineering Physics has trained hundreds of engineers, Masters and Doctors involving in many fields of Engineering Physics: Condensed Physics, Nuclear-Environment Engineering, Bio-medicine, Physics and Lighting Engineering, Electronics Materials and Nanotechnology. Research Group GK1 from our Institute was one among the first received Hochiminh Award for the outstanding contribution during Vietnam War. School was also awarded Labor Medal of the first Order honored by the State President in 2005